Take note, home rental laws and your rights as a tenant!


In search of livelihood, in search of a brighter future, out of necessity many of their houses, families are left to live elsewhere. Then the other hand is needed to head gojara roof. The rental houses only hope.

In addition to all the districts of the capital city of the country, municipalities are introduced to rent. People are overwhelmingly dependent on rented land. Tenant and landlord often harassed by various irregularities. For example – when the rent increases, evictions without notice, including the different types of irregularities. At present, this problem has become more acute.

To prevent such irregularities and harassment are common in Bangladesh in 1991, the rent control law. Under the law, your rights as a tenant in writing. If a landlord violates the right to punish him. According to the law for the settlement of rent-related issues are bharaniyantraka. Senior Assistant Judge courts generally been served. If it were possible to implement this law, even if some tenants hostage situation had eased somewhat. Let’s take a look at what has been called the law.

What will be hired in accordance with the law
According to the law to determine the standard fare. This is standard fare Act 15 (1) Clause annual rental amount will not exceed 15 percent of the market value of the home. The method of determining the market value of the rent control regulations, clearly refers to 1964.


Amicably between landlord and tenant in the rent may be determined. You can also set bharaniyantrakao. Dhaka City Corporation Dhaka city at all levels to make it acceptable to the ten categories based on revenue in the region has the potential to determine the rent.