Take note, the motorcycle driver’s license how to do ??


If you want to make motorcycle license? You know, before you test tinastarera solely through licenses?

“The driver for safer roads
Training and licensing is necessary.
The driver of the increase pathacarirao security. ”
According to Types 5 types of licenses. For example,
• apprenticeship license
• professional license
• amateur license
• PS V license
• inastrakatara license
Amateur driving license for 18
0-year-old man on year and Application
Can you do it. At least eighth grade or equivalent
The test must be passed.

How to motorcycle driving license will cost method
Beginner fee:
Only motor bike Rs 345 (15% including VAT).
Two (cars and motorcycles) for 518 vehicles
Money (15% including VAT).
Learner renewal fee of 87 rupees (15% including VAT).
From beginner purnameyadera license
Is scheduled to be tested.
There is a separate fee for this.
Amateur License Fee: Rs 2300 (15% including VAT).
Professional license fees: Rs 1,438 (15% including VAT).

# Beginner to get the driving license
Documents must be attached:
1. Application in the prescribed form.
II. Doctors registered by the Medical Certificate.
3. Attested photocopy of the National ID card.
4. Submission fee receipt.
5. 1 of 3 copies of recent passport stamp
Size pictures.