Taking the time to turn on the computer?


Turn on the computer when needed (start-up) program was launched with some unnecessary software. So a lot of time on the computer takes longer than usual. Windows 10 operating system to start the computer for the ‘fast start’ program has been added. Enabling it will take less time to turn on the computer.

Turn on fast startup

Ten Settings- click the Windows Start menu. When setting the upper right corner of the search of his home, enter Power Options. From the list on the right side of the Choose what the power buttons do click on the link. The Define Power Buttons and Turn on Password Protection- below and click Change settings that are currently unavailable-.


The following options are hidden will be exposed. Shutdown Settings- of the Fast Startup for Windows 10-Tick keeping the rest of Hibernate, Sleep- and uncheck. Save changes by pressing the exit button. Then restart the computer (restart) and see the difference.