Tell me any homework healthy chicken?


We all know that eating vegetables is beneficial for health. Khaio eggs per day. But did you know what to choose when eating eggs of good quality and what is not? Know how to understand which eggs are more nutritious for health.


For these tests, the researchers bought three cartons of eggs. The cartons are purchased from the owner of the chicken farm, the cartons are purchased from the store. Chicken eggs are to eat the grain. The third biggest supermarket chain was purchased cartons.

Three cartons of eggs from a frying pan was exploded. The difference is immediately obvious. With just see in the picture that way. Carton bought from the farm owner had a dark orange color of egg yolk. But the rest of the two can be seen in the color of egg yolk yellow light. The researchers report, most nutrient orange yolk. As the amount of omega three fatty acids and vitamins are more, so less cholesterol.


But is it? According to experts, the chicken egg yolk color depends on the diet. Muragira the different grains, such as insects eat their egg color is dark yellow, so nothing is more amsate. If you are in good health and chicken eggs are more nutritious. Which is more beneficial for our health.