Ten minutes in yogurt, is that possible? If you do a little strategy is very possibl


To create a special meal, we use the yogurt. No one brings purchased from the market, or yogurt at home plate. But always remember what vegetables are bought or fixing? Sometimes we forget! The frozen yogurt patalei not anymore, at least 1 hour to accumulate yogurt.


Today there is so much life in this busy time? Suppose rupacarca or hobby cook or not, is gone sour yogurt reserves. You will be able to easily create such a moment of crisis for the yogurt. And it’s only ten minutes. Come on, do not know Methodologies.


Milk powder
Hot water
Lemon juice

Soluble in hot water to warm milk powder. 3 teaspoon per cup of water will be required for milk powder. Now, mix the lemon juice. Take a teaspoon lemon juice for each cup of water. After 10 minutes, cover the mixture.


Ten minutes later, frozen yogurt will be made! Thus, just ten minutes you will be able to create yogurt.

Yogurt can be used as general cooking the curd, lassi rayata or building. Rupacarcateo avail!