That is why on the vomit? Some tips to keep note!


He plans to turn the long side of the friends or siblings. However, a small problem can all rejoice soil. Traveling long or short in any of vomiting tendency might become your enemy.


Vomiting may be many reasons. For example, if someone is very sick, some plays are toxic, due to the bad smell or bad taste food, gastric problems, or vomiting, but may be closed due to the esophagus. Vomiting, or motion sickness can be caused by overwork.

Motion sickness is a major problem in the trips. It may be due to some kind of human brain. In particular, bus, private car or similar vehicle incinacalita vomit may be a problem. Our inner ear balance of the body in motion and inertia.


When the car ride that sends information to the brain and the inner ear that dynamic. But the eyes of the other. Because of its seats in the front or the side of the people or the vehicle is stationary. Motion sickness is a result of the inner ear and eye coordination. This is due to the nausea, the dizziness, headache and so on.