That will save you from a serious disease isabagulera 8 Bran


Isubagulera bran is beneficial for the human body. Isubagulera roughage that helps to eradicate the disease include: reducing constipation, dehydration,

Acidity to prevent, reduce weight, improve hajamakriyara, hrdasbasthyera recovery,

Hrdasbasthyera health, piles prevention, diabetes prevention, etc. You can get rid of the problem.

Isabagula or psyllium husk Bangladesh, India, in many countries, including the digestive system of the known internal domestic problems and remedial treatment of the white bran upakaritabe benefits are not only limited to hajamatantrera.

There are many types of benefits. Let’s get to know each isabagulera Benefits

Constipation durikaraneh


Some excellent combination of insoluble and soluble khadyaamsera isabagule which is very good for constipation acts as an informal way.

This is inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach helps out all the waste material.