The 10-minded people in a special way propose?


Valentine’s Day: “I came. But what is the fate of your love into the Sahara Desert to shame? Places girl comes to look at your throat dry? To propoja clue lose? If this report for you. How do propoja man of your mind. There are 10 special tips


1. Do not acting: who is good, he is not acting when propoja. Like the man, and you love to see sbarupata. Please propoja very own style. Put yourself in the mind is the most confident, choose the exception.

II. Propoja tight at the knee: I have heard that it is a very old way! But the words that say, leads to the old rice rice. Sit tight on their knees in front of women through the ages many admirers propoja without success.

3. Dinner by candlelight: the most successful propoja

Way is a good choice, the man took the candlelight dinner put restaramya.

4. Day two: If the first day where you two met, with the dearest person in the propoja.

5: The Jodi Rab Ne on good terms: a good romantic movie to see together on February 14. If you look at the issue of money is a good movie to watch at home system. It breaks your heart, “says the drop bandhutike.

6: And why are you so beautiful: who loves to speak her mind, I’m nervous. Kuch Nahi care, the type of T-sartei favorite manusatite Inform. Hand painted coffee mug or a film can propoja.

7: Love songs: a popular FM or TV channel at the heart of the man propoja. Propoja whom you want to hear or to see him leave before the ceremony.


8: Pair hardly gift: a gift like-minded people in his heart. The day is not far, there is no harm. Write down your thoughts and words in gift box.

9. I’d like a cup of tea: tea, coffee is not beautiful when rayeiche Impress. Quick send an SMS to the people you want to know the heart, Valentine’s Day with your coffee in the afternoon and did not want to go? If you answered ‘yes’ comes, then bring home the bacon. Coffee cup in hand, let you chat. That is not to say in advertising, A lot of cans over a cup of coffee Happen.

10. You are in a bad guitar: guitar playing, but will not. You can sing? Or, you can quickly cut down four lines. This works great talent, but to impress the girl. So do not be shy to express his tyalentake. Read dugga to take dugga.