The 10-thousand-year-old tree!


How many years live in a tree? After more than a hundred or a hundred and fifty years. But scientists have discovered a tree, which is nothing if not centuries, to 10 years of age. Well, you know, a tree found in Sweden, which is the actual numerical age of 9 thousand 558 years.

Sweden has recently recognized the historic tree talarna province. Local phulu padadesei mountain about 10 thousand years, the tree stands tall. The spruce tree is a tree. Sahasrabarsi plant is quite long compared to other trees. Sweden in this area, it is at least 0. trees, each more than a thousand years old and 8.

Scientists in Sweden from 1940 toxic dust particles do not get food from the plant has started to grow into the sky. 008 omeyam the country’s first university professor kulamana tree leaf found.


After nearly 8 years after the professor’s claim is supported internationally, and has been recognized recently. His article, “June issue of the journal has been published ibhaliusana.