The 146 th birthday was celebrated!

Goto amber. Indonesia’s oldest citizen. Approximately 146 years old. He is the father of 10 children. 4-in-law, even though there is no longer alive.

Now goto amber and final one in his family life, the breath of the earth are one and a half centuries. He was born in 1870. The curtain will be drawn nibhalei lamp life history calendar.

I do not remember exactly, when born! Just goto this is already too much amber can think of the new year was born one evening, according to her or told her

Parent. And, like every year, this year mithake mind gotora celebrate the birthday of amber. The 146-year-old, family claims.

According to the Government of Indonesia’s 010 census was recorded as 14-year-old amber gotora. He estimates that the 148 now. The family says he is 146. Although it can not remember his birthday amber goto can still clearly remember the day when the sugar factory was built.