The 1fault of 717 sixes ‘King’ Gayle at home today!


This means that T-toyentite dhumadharakka Chris Gayle. Due to a mistake of the West Indies at home idle time, are now 717 sixes ‘King’ Gayle. No team in the Big Bash in Australia T-toyentite Gayle did not. Gayle last played for the Melbourne renigetasera. Gayle storm came up one match. Playing.

Twenty such as cricket is played during the live sapracarera Gayle was brought into the interview. McLaughlin was the Women’s Sports Reporter mail. Gayle sat in the live interview with him, offering to date! Mail blushing! Gayle said he laughingly easy to do, do not baby bluasa. After this it became proverbial.

That was as though all the bad comments. That is not prohibited in the Big Bash, Gayle. But none of the eight-team players at the taneni controversial. T-highest scorer in the 37-year-old Gayle toyenta. 9777 runs in 77 matches, has 18 centuries.


Max unbeaten 175. World record. His strike rate is 15029. An average of 41.60. Hit 717 sixes.