The 201-domed mosque began in Tangail, will inaugurate the Imam Kaaba Sharif!!!!


    Gopalpur upazila of Tangail nagadasimala domed mosque is one of 01 facilities under construction in the village of Union of South Pathalia ‘Badal formally inaugurated hyalipyada Matiur Rahman, MP, minister of religious affairs.



    He said after the inauguration on Sunday, the 201-domed mosque is one of the country’s religious establishment. Such initiatives for the benefit of society.

    In the meantime, attended the mosque at the mosque complex founder, freedom fighter said. Rafiqul Islam Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust Founder, Chairman and President of Janata Bank, CBA said. Rafiqul Islam was the chief guest.

    The historic building is going to take place in the history of the world, including Bangladesh, 01 domed mosque, the mosque will be built dome in the world at more than 201 451 feet high dome and a minaret.


    Which is a world record for the Guinness World Record is write, so this is the house of God in the world, a new historic landmark known to be helpful and make a lot of foreign tourists are expected to come Oli Aulia.