The 400 CC during launch Bajaj bikes !!


Bajaj Auto is going to bring the motorbike 400 cc. Bajaj middle of next month, the new bike will come on the market. Now, however, wants to keep secret the name of the new bike Bajaj Auto said.

This time on behalf of Bajaj ‘historic moment’, as has been mentioned. In November, they had just 15 years ago, the 001 sports bike pulsar. Palasarera occupied a large part of the sports car world.

Bajaj Auto President Eric Vaas claimed their 400-Sisi, the new bike will be a milestone. Key features of the new bike, and how much it will cost, Eric did not want to break anything. The patience to wait another month.

However, Bajaj Auto, Maharashtra, this factory is being built with a capacity of 400 Sisi bike.