The 6 elements will not ever make a mistake without makhabena face!


Beautiful skin all desirable. Many knead the skin at various points. However, there are some elements, which use more loss than gain hayaara is not using them at all. Healthy Food in Health Team has released a report in this regard.


1. Bhyasalina Vaseline skin moist all over the world to be a better material. It is beneficial to prevent dry skin. It can be used in a variety of minor injury or insect bite. Do not tinker with acne, but rather in the face of Vaseline. Because it can increase acne.

II. Badi body lotion for the body lotion is made, it is not for the mouth. Facial skin is thicker than the skin. The body is made according to the losanakeo.
3. Many water bath or steam bath, hot water garama might like. However, the hot water is not used on the skin of the mouth. This makes the mouth dry skin.
4. Anekei use toothpaste toothpaste for acne to dry. However, do not go to work, never. Toothpastes, mouth, skin and enhances the complex issues that can cause discomfort. For example, a chemical burn, etc. skarsa.

5. When hydrogen peroxide and burned down the central component of the strong to protect them from infection works. However, the treatment of acne it is never good material. It can create inflammation and allergies.
6. Folks anekei baking soda, baking soda is used to remove skin mrtakosa.

Experts said the use of skin damage and skin moisture is lost. So in the face of the experts recommended not to use baking soda.