The All India faint !!

India is now just panic. Border-panic attacks, fear of Chinese craftsmanship, the term Muluk panic about whether a visa to be able to at all.
However, it is not the end of esabei, the Indians are pursuing a strange panic. According to the fear of alien invasion shaking in the land of the country.

These are not, however, ignore ajagubike Minister Kiran Rijiju. Tuitei fished his whole India.
Tuitata is sahasyakarao. But this has given rise to many questions Tweet about Mango-Indians.

Everyone has the right to information. Therefore, his mind reeling in question broke out in Mumbai resident Ajay Kumar.

His question is, if the power to prevent the attack bhinagrahidera what has taken no action. The Interior Ministry will be able to tell me something?

Or a secure place to protect people from their visit has been planned? What can you do to address them? The government has taken no action to overcome them?

Ajay Kumar, minister of this strange question was one of the last line. It is much more scientific. But to answer the question of the government employees will waste precious time.