The Bangladeshi citizenship to be able to Rs 100 in India – Apply Now


The minority refugees Indian citizenship will have to pay the registration fee to the amount of 100 rupiage was Rs 15,000. On Saturday, a gazette notification issued on behalf of the federal government, said.

Mantranalalayera on behalf of the Interior has issued a gazette notiphikasane, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan three neighboring states, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Christian sampadrayera parsi and people in India long-term visa (Long-term visa or elatibhi) of people in the registration fee is necessary to get Indian citizenship will have to spend only Rs 100.

Gazette notiphikasane also Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan hindusaha other minorities living in countries other than India, the registration costs will be 10 thousand rupees. The move has been welcomed by the Centre for Hindu groups in India Apply Now.