The collapse of the gold market again! Now the price has come within reach at all! Now, to know the price of gold gold !!


The decline in the price of gold prices fell worldwide. Rs 458 per gram of gold can be reduced by better quality than ever before.


Darao bharite silver, gold fell by Rs 292. The new rate Monday to Sunday Bangladesh (bajusa) will come into effect in the evening jewelry Association said in a press release.

World gold prices have been reduced in coordination with the local market, gold bajusera Association general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwal reduced hayechetini said, “we always coordinate with our local market and the international market price.


In recent times the world price of gold fell. With the combination of our market, we have reduced it.
Earlier this year, on June 6 bharite Rs 1 thousand 225 gold price has increased. A week ago, money was raised to 225.