The conquerors of the moon due to loss of sight. Because you know you’ll be surprised!


Those who remain in space for a long time after their eye sight problems and decreases. But why is that? Many people are curious about this …

Researchers have discovered the answer to find, Visual Impairment intracranial pressure (bhiaiaipi) syndrome. Which is a particular problem because of the reduced eye sight. Two-thirds of the people are infected with this problem space.

Recently, researchers at the University of Miami in the United States on the issue have been investigated. They are the eyes and the size of the lack of gravity in space is somewhat changed. This disturbance of the sight. Many people from the world of research needs to go into space.

In addition to the International Space Station Space Station In the past, some people stay for several days. The experience of deeds is like a trip to Mars is utilized in the future.