The cost of the 35 million women ??


The Prime Minister’s daughter unemployed. Does not earn. His income tax of zero. But as income tax filing sightseeing cost him 35 million rupees (Pakistani rupee). What’s that? This question went to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Prime Minister’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz awful pity.


Panama Peppers leading the world’s leading personalities, corruption scandals have been leaked. The Pakistani prime minister’s family name is on the list.

The girl was hit by disproportionate spending more Nawaz pressure reading. Maryam Nawaz has no income tax returns, but his earning 1 million rupees (Pakistani rupee). Pakistani newspaper DAWN reported the news.

Mary is spending huge amount of money that can be heated to such a question pakistanadesera the direction of the Supreme Court Chief Justice Jamali asserted starting the investigation.


It was Mary’s father and brother having Sharif is funded from luxurious life. Sharif, one of the richest families in Pakistan.