The cost of the visa list of Saudi Arabia’s new ??


The visa fee for expatriates in Saudi Arabia’s cabinet approved a new set of fees hayanatuna Tariff Code of Civil Aviation on the Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah Cabinet session, the Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy prime minister and interior minister, approved during the presidency an amendment was passed.

As such approval, 000 to the cost of a single entry visa for Saudi real.
A multiple-entry visa costs for the six months of 3000 the Saudi real.
The cost of a multiple-entry visa for one year and two years in 5000 for Saudi Real, 8000 Real Saudi Arabia.

John pilgrims to Hajj or Umrah visa free for the first time; The second time, the 000 Saudi real. Transit visa fees, or who are just passing will pass through Saudi Arabia, the Saudi 300 for real.

Exit visa to leave the port, Saudi Arabia 50 Saudi Real for a fee.
Exit / re-entry visa for a maximum of two months and 00 for a single trip to Saudi Real, and 100 for each additional month stay in Saudi Arabia for real.

For three months in a multiple exit / re-entry visa fee of 500 Saudi Real, and 00 for each additional month the Saudi real.