The day thakachena – if the banks will reduce the money! Tell everyone to share…


Keeping the money in bank deposits as savings or pension income family would pay its interest, the days are gone! If five years ago, Rs one lakh from the bank in the interest of the money could be found. Knowing that there was money to anyone at the bank officials, as well as the customer keeps the money in his bank deposit.



In contrast to the more than 500 million, and now the banks do not pay interest. If the long term with the condition. The small and short-term bank depositors have no kadarai.

In these circumstances, savings and money savings are dependent on interest income families is in jeopardy. At the end of the year it turns out, the money in their bank accounts, in fact, decreased. The bank now has 5 percent interest rates on deposits. 201617 fiscal year, the government has projected inflation at around 5 percent. As a result, the bank deposits of Rs 1 lakh at the end of the year if you get the right amount of 1 to 5 million. But as an extra profit of Rs 5 held wrong. Because, without having to add 1 lakh 5 thousand less than the amount you are able to buy goods and services. Because of inflation.

But what to do with the money sancayira? In front of them there is no alternative. Risky investments in the stock market. Ordinary people are not used to keep money in financial institutions. The risk of buying a lot of savings. Again, the money made from the monthly salary, bank convenient for them. Due to the low interest rates on bank deposits 016 after climbing 13 percent.

Scheduled banks to reduce interest rates on deposits do not have any worries. Because there is a lot of money for lending their hands, which amounts to about 1 lakh 94 thousand crore. However, the central bank is concerned about ordinary depositors. Last week issued a notification on their behalf, and not to reduce interest rates on deposits have been instructed. To reduce the interest rate of the loan was needed on relaxing controls the direction of management skills.


Estimates of the rate of inflation at 5 per cent interest rate on deposits of 5 percent * in front of the people there is no alternative, bank deposits increased 13 percent * bank * 1 lakh 94 thousand crore surplus liquidity moving people toward savings