The deepest 5 countries in the world name camakabena!!


Children who suffer from hunger by posting photos on social media, a lot of people tried to tell them. The comments requested to promote the public interest or share. But many do not know how many countries in the world, topped the list of countries most garibatama.


1) Congo: the world’s poorest countries. 0 percent of people died around the country into starvation. 40 percent of people live half-eaten. Be the first to measure poverty in this country. After the civil war the country’s economy at the helm worn. The government and the administration is not afraid. There is no employment in the country. People in the streets of this central African country run with hunger. The GDP per capita of US $ 348.
Ii) Liberia: West African country’s economy stand at the bottom. Ebola attacks has left after whatever it was. Liberian newborn is born with a debt of $ 3500. The GDP per capita of US $ 456.

3) Zimbabwe: the country bankrupt. State charges against Robert Mugabe, the reason for the anger. Although the country has become a country full of resources in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s economy has stood up so bad that 1 US dollar price of Rs 362. The GDP per capita of US $ 487.

4) Burundi: East African country’s economy is absolutely worn. The GDP per capita of US $ 615.


5) eritreya: worn in this country after the civil war. African countries due to administrative heedlessness of the world’s poorest countries, is in fifth place. US GDP per capita of $ 735.