The disease can be fatal due to the addiction mobile phones !!


Mobile phones these days can not be conceived without a moment. This device has been with us all the time. Whether at work or recreation, we are always going to use this device. In all cases, the work done in the office or mobile phone has become indispensable. In keeping with the era we must use it. Besides, there’s no way.


First available to mobile phone radiation harmful to our body that are affected in different ways. That’s all we know. Mobile harmful radiation cause cancer, too, is not unknown to anyone. But what else could be using mobile out.

Cancer: studies, rediophrikoyensira First available as a mobile phone is significantly higher risk of brain tumors. From cancer may be.

Heart problems: First available from the harmful rays of the mobile creates permanent heart problems. As a result, the mobile should not breast pocket. Do not neglect having heart problems and understood.

Infertility: This is one of the most damaging aspects of mobile phone radiation. Decreased sperm count in men using mobile phones. As a result, one may have to give birth.


Hearing weaknesses: excessive use of mobile phones may be lost as a result of hearing the experts said. Mobile with electromagnetic fields may reduce the ability to hear for a long time intimacy.