The district is now a beggar woman MP in Germany !!

Dirajapurera in North Dinajpur district of West Bengal, one of the poorest beggar girl Nandini is now Germany’s influential Member of Parliament (MP). Poverty is proven once again that the path can not be tied.

Yes, the north Indian state of West Bengal dirajapurera saphalyagamtha a Bengali girl has highlighted here. Despite being a beggar out the will of his father, himself also made of steel. India Raiganj in North Dinajpur district of Bangladesh, a resident of the girl, but her father was.

The beggar’s family grew up in poverty in Raiganj and Durgapur constant companion. His father was poor at a local temple. Rice took to the temple every day from the surrounding houses, the rice was a part of the temple, and he himself had a part. Sometimes Nandini village with his father to collect rice labs. Her 6-year-old when he was admitted to the school in Durgapur.

Nandini had good results
Raiganj College. The 18-year-old when he died Harinath poor. Nandini no brothers and sisters, even though he was not with his mother, he was a very tight corner. But not stopped up. Nandini where the Bengali literature was admitted to the University of Calcutta.