The fear of earthquakes in December five !!


The fear of earthquakes has five this December! It refers to the date! Earlier this month, five concerns about earthquake prediction of the date of the dot-com arthakoyekapredikta a bhumikampabisayaka website.


In December, the prophecy has been said about the earthquake alarm, in accordance with the procedures in their assessment of the earthquake alarm is very low. However, the December, 5, 1, 16, and two are on the lookout for a mild earthquake. The quake could be less than 4, the report said.

According to the website, the company is a modified dual phibonakki Lucas (ephadiela) method to calculate the fear of earthquakes. The method to determine the correct prediction of the local and global earthquake alarm rates.

Ephadiela the seismic zone earthquake of magnitude depending on the time and the prediction is.

The report notes that very little has been the source of about tathyaprapti. The report has been referred to as a prediction of earthquakes systematic spread anxiety.

However, unwilling to bear the responsibility for the organization of this prediction. This is only a prediction based on the theory that ephadiela said.