The good news for Bangladesh


In 2024 the list of the least developed countries and further LDC will come out of Bangladesh. Rules, per capita income, human development and economic bhangurata in the three indicators to achieve the target set at the minimum.


In 2018, however, will be able to achieve the required goals, primarily Bangladesh.

This is a new report by the United Nations Trade and Development Agency has ankatadera. On behalf of the non-governmental research organization Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) report published Saturday. On the occasion, a press conference was held at BRAC Centre at Mohakhali. The report was presented Towfiqul Islam Khan Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Dialogue.

The world’s 48 least developed countries national income, indicators of human resources and the economic fragility of their 18th ankatada analysis reports. The positive development of the indicators have been highlighted in the report the information.


Despite progress, however, contribute to the development of agriculture and natural resources is decreasing. Significant employment growth.