The heroine’s mother’s lap? If you’ll be surprised!


I see a lot of youth can not be recalled barabelara people. So this has been the case with the heroine. Bengali film in which the heroine’s childhood photo feature barabelateo saw nina many youth remain the same. Again, there is some way to identify cases of childhood

So it is with the heroine. The image at the top of that there is no way of knowing exactly how barabelaya will see him. However, this image is a little older. So far, lap children, was the heroine. 2003 in the first film, “frowned. Couple that with the start of Jeet. Since then, much of the picture as the pair has hit Bengali film tamra ‘off’, ‘ruby’, ‘war’. His 13-year career in Bengal, there is no hero with whom he has not photos.

The only ‘There are no pictures of him with phiradausa. From childhood, adolescence, adolescence, maturity, little by little, he changed into Koel Mallick today. His nearly 13-year career has changed a lot of forms.


No match was found in the photo with the image of today’s youth, but it is hard to see pictures of the early career, but is understood to feature youth. This is more than a year, did not release any new quail. The world is now busy with the heroine.