The house is very easy to remove from the rat infestation 4 strategies !!


When rats are causing problems at home just bhuktabhugirai know to what extent painful. Clothes, books cut is equal to the mice. Also in the house mice are marred due to various diseases. Rat poison, but it is not a lot of time to work. Many of the children at home is not safe to be poisoned.


Eracaite but in some ways easier to learn. With little room tukitaka thing forever to get rid of mice infestation can very easily .1 / use of black pepper –
Rats can not tolerate the smell of pepper at all. The full tang smell the scent of pepper panajenta rat lungs can not breathe the rat. And why die easily.

Rats or mice, rat infestation at home that there are more than those at the place of pepper powders. Khuja generations will be able to easily abortive rats.

II / use of bay leaves –
Bay leaf, which is very beneficial to everyone in the house is a spice. This can be used to escape from the rat anayesei masalatio beneficial. Tejapatake rats that eat themselves.


After eating, they can not digest it, but at bay leaf. Put the crushed bay leaf and oppression venues within a few days to get rid of the trouble