The increase at twice the speed of the Internet


The proposed increase will double the speed of the Internet on the Internet of the price range. However, the price reduction was talk that it may not be effective again. Meanwhile, outside the city will increase the speed of the Internet. However, outside the capital prices are likely to almost 50 percent.

Telecom regulator BTRC proposal submitted to the internet operators aiesapiebira organization has been explained in the related acts. IIG on NTTN ‘ceiling’ has been suggested aiesapiebi sources.

According to a reliable source of aiesapiebi, at the same time IIG (International Internet Gateway) and enatitienagulora bandwidth, transport and sebacarjera ‘ceiling’ is not the consumer level, prices will not be reduced. For this reason, the proposal aiepiebi IIG has proposed a ceiling on charges of NTTN. It has submitted to the Commission.

Increasing the speed of the Internet connection at aiesapiebira General Secretary Emdadul Haque said, “on all sides of the charge may be reduced in proportion to the price of the Internet can not be reduced. However, at the same time it will be possible to increase the speed and amount of data. When our proposals bastabayita at 100 Mbps speed is one that could be found on the Internet, it can be found in two Mbps. “

And his speech on reducing the cost of outside capital, “No charge if the ceiling will not be able to take the charge. As a result, nearly 50 percent of the cost of the current low cost of Internet service customers will be able to. “