The kiss on the device, find the real feelings!


The world is moving constantly. Technology lowered distance, increased levels of expression of feelings. Recently Online kiss the device or the device has discovered a research team at the University of London.

Talk and see each other online, but now you can not touch each other. But the new device, they are able to exchange a kiss over the Internet. This has been discussed in the name of ‘kisenjara.

Zhang Yang, said a member of the research team, it is associated with smartphones. It has a plastic pad that touches the lips of her partner’s lips on the other side of that feeling through the Internet can be reached.

He works through pressure sensors containing ‘kisenjara. Kiss device to another device through the app contains information on how to re-create. Video Calling app has the advantage.


Zhang said it is still possible to feel completely real kiss. To make it still requires quite a bit of time. It will be added to the scent pad. Much of what people will be like the smell.