The monthly fee will increase on foreign workers, the Saudi government has announced a new budget


For the next fiscal year, 017 foreign workers and their employers in Saudi Arabia on the Saudi government has announced a new budget by increasing the monthly fee. Arab News reported.


Until ২0২0 to pay this fee and the fee will be increased annually. Saudi Real fee will increase to 800 in the next four years, the Bangladeshi currency of Tk 16 thousand. Thursday’s issue of the budget has been confirmed.

However, the number of foreigners in Saudi Arabia, the company is now the company is more than the locals Levy (a tax) to pay. The Levi’s 00 Saudi Riyal amount of foreign labor. The amount of the new budget has been increased gradually. The foreign company is less than the locals had their cases to the provisions of the current fee waiver.


But the new budget, and he will have a chance. Although less foreign to them (per person) Levy will be imposed. However, in some cases, the companies will be exempt.