The most expensive home…


There is no expensive home from the United States. Only prices standards in the real estate industry, has broken all records.



However, the palace was home to say. It’s not! All components are packed to luxury. California billionaire to buy this house, there is not. Just what home, to find the two-year sephasaha seven employees. But inside the house, how?

Bel Air, California, has developed 38 bargaphutajure of the house. If you buy will cost 5 million dollars. Florida’s first half was 19 million US dollars myanasanatii term Muluk’s most expensive home. He broke the record climbed to number 1 in this house now. The building has a total of 300 matches at an average of four years.

1 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, three kitchens, six bars, a spasaha massage room, fitness center, two wine-cellar of champagne can spend the day as well. At the same time, there is a swimming pool 85 feet. Giant television screens can be seen swimming away like sinking shows. Bruce said the key manufacturer of myakouski, sbadai can enjoy the luxury of living here. We all went to the house wanted to break traditional ideas.
1 million dollars to keep the cars on the premises.



The art of the billions of dollars. The house has a 30-foot TV screen. There is no TV in the house or the large US muluke. Internet.