The name of the story meghapari!!


Meghaparita step ghoralagaya kind of rain fell obsessed. A bottle filled with the desire to touch her finger all the rainwater. I do not interfere madness. One rainy afternoon, two men sitting in the library. After rain washed out his hand through the window glass with a finger on her waist. I see the smile brstikatarata. However, a few drops of rain, child-simplification gives the OK!

Jhumabrstite side if you do not remember me, or is he too. ‘Oh, I have to be aware of the rain, when they call my cell phone rang meghaparitara! The resonance of rain fall makes him drunk. He says he is very pleased that with me in the rain-wet, moist hands at the moment, or the story of the man and boy come up khunasutite busy. Madness– the madness of her days with her moist moment can not be endorsed. Very hectic due to the lack of opportunity or a chance to become one of us and not only when it rains.

On that day, suddenly meghaparira phone. “Come on, now that the rain kyampasajure walk on …” I let him blow up the offer, “thus, mad! ‘When it rains it becomes really bad his head, but too kharapita today. Compulsive call of his lovely, I can not stop him. Come and stand in front of the hall with his body heat sardijbare. He is five minutes walking distance from my hall. Chatasameta grumpy mood, I saw her was, ‘This is your bhijabara sample … “When you and I became even more irresistible. How reckless joy and romance of the campus meghaparita down the field!

I looked over at him with surprise surprise the umbrella. Although nearly deserted campus rikasaoyaladera anagonaya vocal jhumabrstite way. Their eyes are on meghaparira. Like the wings of a butterfly, how to expand the two arms swing dancing! I wondered.

I was still standing with an umbrella. What is it suddenly came running to me meghapari, with my hands in the air to snatch away the umbrella. Chatake moist air away, and waved the meghapari me. I’m fly like a butterfly; Chatera rain, wind meghamaya ….