The name of the suspected Chikungunya disease


The name of the suspected Chikungunya virus. It was first detected in 195. Tanzania African countries that it suspected Chikungunya, which means bent.


For example, infection of the bone pair or treaties that are so much pain that the patient has to walk bent. However, signs or symptoms of suspected Chikungunya infection as dengue fever. There are a few differences.

If you like the dengue affected cikunaguniyaya sudden fever, skin rash or with the grain. Giraya body as well as severe pain.

Although dengue body pain, but is not very acute and chronic. The specialty of suspected Chikungunya fever first hand from small kink-foot, knee, elbow, ankle pain may be severe.


Never could kink swelling. In the morning, or the morning stiphanesao the hands and feet can be jammed, which is why a lot of time, such as rheumatoid arthritis, or it may be.