The National ID Card Will Provide This Service


E-Governance and Good Governance to strengthen the national identity card is being smart. Smart card abuse, the project director, says there is no chance to prevent the misuse of the database has been secured.

Government services, criminal identification, TIN, bank accounts, vehicle registration, educational institutions bhartisaha Twenty-two of these cards will be useful in providing a service. It’s called smart national ID card. In the next year, the card will be sent to all voters, the election commission said.

Preparation of Electoral Roll with Photograph began work in 007 countries. And the more information it gathers to form a national ID. Lemineteda obtaining identity papers in response to the service, but because of some limitations starts shining abuse.
But the smart national ID system has three levels of security 5. The card is made of polycarbonate material for at least 10 years of life. The cards will be accepted at the international level has been recognized by 0. organization. It is believed that it is not possible to reproduce in any way.

Smart cards can be used both online or offline. So, ten and a half million people from the database to ensure the safety of all kinds of abuse and hacking measures have been taken, said the project director.

Although the official data access is not included in the original database access to anyone. Kamabayasiderao 18-year-old is thinking of the future of the smart card, according to the administration.