The new visa fee Saudi !!


The new visa fee has been set at two years for a visa to Saudi arabeeka year or five thousand and eight thousand, respectively real (one and two thousand 133 thousand 333 US dollars) to pay.

The country’s foreign ministry told AFP happening Visa Consultant.

The new visa fee set by the country’s Supreme Council, was approved on Thursday.

The official said, once to enter Saudi Arabia, two of the buildings, which is several times higher than before.

Foreign Ministry statement, investors and traders now receive a maximum two-year multiple-entry visas. As a result, they needed to be able to come again and again in Saudi Arabia. Earlier, the country had a one-year multiple visa.

Diplomatic and other sources earlier told AFP that the new fees required of foreign investment in Saudi Arabia’s oil-based economy to hinder the transformation that will be at risk.

Saudi Arabia to facilitate foreign investment in the process of being launched in response to the concerns of critics of the new visa fee Saudi Commerce said Thursday it will not prevent investment.

His spokesperson said in a statement to AFP, the Commerce Majid al-kasabi “Saudi Arabia has confirmed that the case will not affect the visa fees to foreign investment. Rather than trying to attract foreign investment through investment in Saudi Arabia quality. “