The new year has come. And to learn more about the science of gravity!

To me, the most interesting scientific topic is “time and gravity.” Takes the time to talk about any particular time. Today, however, the time has come to say a few words.

What is the carrying out of the New Year. During the first hearing the word that comes to mind, maybe that’s a picture of a clock.

During a physical quantity. There is no direction. This is a non-vector quantity. It can walk in any direction. The question is what goes in? What would be the hands and feet that walk the walk. In fact, is not the time. The time comes. That’s right, the time moves beyond mahakarsake.

For example, what goes beyond mahakarsake.
Today, 365 days a year and came back this. It is gravity. It took 365 days to tour the world at this, but the guy responsible mahakarsai. Without gravity of the world could come around maybe once a few seconds, or ghuratai, or any other star would have gone back home.