The night sleeping at the foot of the door? After reading this news, and you do not have the courage to do it !!


Many of our bedroom the bed position, and our bedroom habits so that our legs are sleeping at the door facing. Indian and Chinese culture, thus keeping the body lying in the rules.

In fact, the Scriptures and the ecosystem at the foot of the bed Feng suiteo door is considered to be unlucky.

Feng suite ‘chi’, a special emphasis is given to the power of the public. However, the interior and the outside of the human body is the power to control the actions.

This “ci There are good and bad of the two types. Continuously for seven or eight hours when we ghumoi the body is stationary.


This time around our body, or better positive ‘chi’ build a hedge and protection. But if the front door is Sleeping, then this is good ‘chi’ is emitted from the body goes out of the house through the door.