The normal speed of the Internet will not be before January 20

The slow speed of the Internet will remain until January, according to 0. Bangladesh Association of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Association general secretary Emdadul Haque confirmed the first light on Thursday.

International terrestrial cable (ITC) operators for several days depending on the speed of the Internet with ISP operators, customers have more crisis. Aitisigulo bandwidth imported from India. Bharti Airtel and Tata inadikamera aitisiguloke supplier of bandwidth at the problem is due to cut cable.
On behalf of the ISP Association, the daily Internet usage exceeds 400 Gbps. 120 Gbps to 400 Gbps with the Bangladesh Submarine cable company (BSCCL) through. Internet bandwidth of 80 Gbps, more than the rest of the terrestrial cable (ITC) operators come from India. More than 75 percent of the total Internet bandwidth comes from ITC.
According to the Bangladesh Submarine cable company in the country, there is a demand for Internet bandwidth of 300 Gbps. The BSCCL provides 177 Gbps. The rest is imported. BSCCL bandwidth they’re using, they are normal-speed Internet.