The old threw the phone? Do you know what the smartphone is pure gold


Not just girls, all more or less tension gold. The gold biscuits or gold medal. But you know what’s good for gold is used in the development of the smartphone. Your smartphone is gold. I wonder if the iPhone does not. Meh Smart takes to create gold. Although small amounts of gold in the world on a smartphone is used as a smartphone kasale its estimate of the total amount not less than the gold.


According to one estimate, up to mine gold from one ton of raw gold can be used as is found in more than one ton of gold from smartphone canceled. Even after the weight of the battery instead. Electronic United Nations report on the West claims 1 to 41 grams of gold can be found.

Taritbahi metal gold is very good. Therefore, gold is used inside the phone’s chip. The role of gold has been on the phone to get the best signal. Not only mother ‘, silver and platinum are used to create a smartphone. More than the price of the smartphone, why not? 00012 iPhone is an ounce of gold.



0012 has also ounce silver and platinum ounce 0000012. 5 cents and 1 cent respectively of the aluminum used in them.