The phone will not work anymore WhatsApp!


WhatsApp will not work anymore, that you hear is the head bolts of lightning. However, not all phones. WhatsApp is expected to close some of the older smartphone.

The old version of the Android app is closed. The remains of the iPhone 3GS. Although the use of these phones is very low. 0.1 percent.

The Android version with 22 being closed WhatsApp. These are all of seven years old. Windows 7 phones are popular app is closed.

According to the company, these are mobile versions of them to buy a new phone, or to update the system.

BlackBerry and Nokia handsets some of the same old problem. WhatsApp has decided to privacy system more difficult.

As a result of the cancellation of these phones, WhatsApp will come more quickly, said the new update.


In 2017, after sending the message that a new update is supposed to be completely deleted or edited.