The president’s helicopter luxury!


Pabna terrorism, militancy and Anti led by a rally in the central president Saifur Rahman Sohag helicopter. Aviation Partex a helicopter on Friday afternoon, he went to Ishwardy. The president has many questions about the source of his income luxury helicopter.


However, Land Minister’s son Kamaluddin golden Ishwardi municipal headquarters of the militant anti-drug and anti-communal initiative on Friday to rally and workshops. Bangladesh Chhatra League president Saif ur Rehman Sohag prompter program Partex Aviation helicopter came Ishwardy.

Land Minister presided over the golden son Kamaluddin, daughter of Land Minister spoke on the occasion and women affairs secretary of Awami League Mahjabin Shirin Pia, Pabna district unit general secretary Shibli Sadik.

Yunus has generated widespread criticism of the Amazon’s luxury helicopter. The incident that tarnish the image of the Awami League and Bangladesh Chhatra League, many expressed dissatisfaction.

Ishwardi municipal Awami League president and mayor of the central aisles Abul Kalam Azad confirmed the president’s helicopter ishwardi, I think as a traditional student wing Bangladesh Chhatra League, a former employee does not belong to this culture. When the country is going forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Awami League leader luxury helicopter that is not desirable at all.


Deputy Chairman of the Workers’ Party, said Zakir Hussain, a luxury Amazon’s question about his source of income. To tarnish the image of the party and the student organizations. However, the central Awami League leaders, should be examined.