The price of 1 kg of potatoes 1 cup of tea! …


    Thakurgaon ranisankaile 1 kg potatoes 1 cup of tea, is available at. The greater rate than ananyabarera Ranishankail potato is cultivated in some areas of the market, but not as much as the price of a few hundred potato farmers suffered.

    Meanwhile, a few days ago, the market was sold at Rs 1 per kg potato potato farmers would pay in Los Angeles. But right now the market price of Rs 5 per kg.

    Kashipur Ranishankail unnamed police union speaking with potato farmer Rahim said, I am now much damaged. Rs 5 per kg of potato sold at the market is now just gained so far it does not cost us about the world of salt. Then again, the cost of reading and writing to boys and girls in my family, I do not think myaneja.

    Bengal potato farmer in the village, said Islam, if it continues this way, the market price of potatoes in the cost of fertilizer and poison Tuku and uthabena. Some of the inspection can be seen in the market Ranishankail hata price of potatoes being sold at Rs 5 per kg. 1 can be seen with a lot of potatoes are sold at Rs 150.

    If it continues in such a way that if the potato market Ranishankail condition of potato farmers, how to run their family and their sons and daughters who will be responsible for reading and writing the thousands of questions Ranishankail potato grower farmers.