The price of a cylinder 3000!


Naga turbulent protests in Manipur. Stunned public life. Manipur Naga rebels are observing bandh arthaitika 50 days. And due to the skyrocketing prices of LPG cylinders. The price of a LPG cylinder 3000 in Manipur!


Manipur bandh from November 1, continues. Due to the bandh blocked the NH 37 and NH. Imphal Valley, the lifeline of the national road communication. Imphal bound over to stand in the way of the siege of manure truck. There was a shortage of commodities in the market. Racketeering has begun. 300 more than the price of a liter of petrol bikocche. And sky-high gas prices. 3000! Karphu issued on December 18, has been to keep the situation under control.


Meitei and the Naga-Kuki-Naga, mainly led to clashes between the two tribes in Manipur obsolete. Naga 20 percent of the total population of the state. The Nagas are meitei of 65 percent. Kukira 13 percent.