The price of the eyes, forehead arise, only 39 thousand were sold a lemon! What’s the lemon?


A lemon is only sold 39 thousand rupees. It was unbelievable, but true. Bhillupuramera a temple in Tamil Nadu authorities to organize the auction prices rose so much money Patilebura.

That’s according to a report kalakata24. It is sacred and a symbol of good luck

Are considered. The result is a god stick murugara weapons. Every year at the end of the 11-day festival in a special auction house, authorities handed over. The villagers believe that the lemon will bring good luck. The child will bring home.

Jayaram and Amravati this year, a couple of lemons purchased 39 thousand rupees. Several lemons were sold. This year, the total income of 57 thousand 722 rupees.

M kanaganabesana, one of the villagers said, this is definitely the temple when