The proposal to build 2000tk at smart phone!!


India will be digital. The more a “smart” central government contemplating taking action. Micromax money to build 2000 smart phones, inateksa, lava, carbon-these mobile manufacturer has submitted a proposal to the central government agencies.


AAP government’s argument smart phones in the hands paoyaya and all the public if it is pocket friendly government received the Jungle. Policy Commission of the central government on the issue in the coming days to discuss the smart phone. Note that this proposal would not have any Chinese company known attractions. Even syamasum, large mobile phone manufacturer companies like Apple will not be a part of these activities.

The Bell companies ringim 51 worth of hand phone market, the government has brought a surprise. The ‘Freedom 51’ super flop. Millions of order, phone discrepancy. 51 received at the hands of a few handful of money. The mobile phone company Bell ringim jump off. The country’s prime minister Narendra Modi ‘Cashless Society “to build firm. Many opponents at the tone, more than half of the people in India are still smart phone is reached.


How can the country progress of the online transaction? Modi’s dream to fulfill this step may be cheaper smart phones syatii a breakthrough. However, past experience, when you see “2000 dollar smart phones’, the golden stone bowls” that are a part of.