The purnimatei destruction may occur on the earth !!


Strong earthquake shook Japan on Tuesday, including the vast areas of Tokyo. Tsunami warning was issued. Although some of the first large-scale wave, then the danger is alpetei. There was a pogrom.


However, intense panic among residents there. Similarly panic among residents of the earthquake shook this morning mayanamarera vast areas of Manipur and India. However, the quake was measured 3.5 on the Richter scale. Myanmar has been issued, however, the risk of tsunami.

However, the intensity of the quake, one after another around the world over the past decade dhbanlalilara picture has emerged. Gujarat is India, but not in Japan. Again, the destruction of 004 showed a devastating tsunami. Later, a part of not less than 015 earthquake in Nepal.

However, whatever the level of shaking is why, scientists say the recent dangerous earthquakes occurred on each day of the full moon. And so the fear of what might happen the next day, once again, that a full moon on a large-scale destruction. Earthquakes may occur. Even its intensity could destroy the earth.


The reason, according to the gravity of the moon is the full moon day of the world’s highest. And now this terrible event can happen.