The reason that particular moment is wearing socks!


During the special relationship between men and women, many many things have been happy to reach the final stage! A recent study has followed the totakake. The study researchers said, as if he wished socks during the peak of happiness paumchanoyaya beautiful and strong, happen and anything is possible!

Samiksakadera ludicrous, but the strong demand, they watched survey of 1000 people. It has been shown, at least 80 percent of the 100 people comfortably reached the final socks lust after. Compared to the others, who at that time worn socks, the velocity of the petehayeche!

Why is this to happen? Why does the benefit of the socks? Think a little better! You see, our body is like wearing socks are warm! That’s where all the hidden mysteries of chemistry.

This means that an accurate blood flow to the body stay warm! Now, the flow of blood to the right, the more performance will increase. That is the time they can be more active, who are the socks!

Another affair yaunatabisaradara say, is kamagranthi feet finger. And as a result of the socks rub kamagranthite fall, which increases blood circulation and kamana both!