The star left the media to get married !!


Can be seen around the time of her show-biz stars played hide and seek an unknown reason, he loves to play.


The colorful world of show-biz event at Old. The dish is a new thing, many of us nowadays are tarakarai midiyabhubanake goodbye to marry. However, the women. Value-dignity, social status does not bother the rich garland made of money or a lot of women have left stars shining career, popularity and the cut-Action cry digit. Sobije extensive research into the day.

Why does the media to leave her without some star? These arguments come up again and again stars chotaloki mind, thankless nature of the media-audience silent with the characteristics of fraud.

For example, the stars have earned a reputation for the media, for the audience. Maybe they’ll want to own intellectual bravado. But they will have to admit it in one sentence, if you do not campaign, not when the audience no value latent talent.


So everyone was talking openly nowadays, these celebrities came to the capital cut off the groom’s name and fame to sandhana. And when you get it but I do not think about a career. Let’s have a look at the names of the stars say goodbye sobijake married.