The technique is easy to get lost in silent mode mobile phone

    Silent for any reason, you have your mobile phone, mobile phone, he suddenly can not find the time! It could be any time. In general, mobile gadhaka to-back somewhere else on the phone to dial a phone number from the easiest way to find out.

    Just follow the sound of the mobile starts to get you out easily mobile. But if the phone is in silent mode, then this strategy will not be effective. Find out how the loss of the state of the mobile? Ask strategy.
    1. First, another mobile phone or computer, go to Google’s website.
    II. Enter the search bar, the find my phone ‘.
    3. After Google account or Gmail account, please sign in.
    4. You can see the location of your phone on Google.
    5. The options will be in front of you, which you have in your phone via the Android devices manager “on,” you can.

    6. The bar ‘ring’, select the option.
    7. Even if your phone is in silent mode, it will start to flower ring volume. And until you find the phone by pressing its power button and picking, as the phone is going to ring. At times, followed by the sound of the phone is out of the matter.
    In this same manner, and you can find your missing Android tab. However, one thing you should keep in mind. It is this that your device must be signed in to a Google account. Otherwise, this method can not find the lost mobile phone.